About Us

Fidel Ethiopia Tour and Travel

Fidel Ethiopia Tour and Travel was established as private Tour Company registered by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Trade and Industry.Currently, the company has reformed itself in the way of running modern & sustainable tourism in the country, keeping all professional ethics and code of conduct of WTO, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Africa Traveler Association and Ethiopian Tours Operators Association. ​

The company runs by professionals; personnel’s, & experts whose motivation grew from observation and understanding that many visitors were attracted to Ethiopia with the fact that its majestic natural beauties and wonders of the land, the range of more than thousand endemic fauna and flora, the cultural diversity and with eight world’s heritages sites that is registered in the UNSECO list. We have these tangible evidences. The founder believes that it is a country that has potential; Ethiopia is one of the top ten destinations of mass tourism.

At Fidel Ethiopia Tour, we believe that it’s the small things that make the difference between a good day out and a perfect one. This is why each of our tour is carefully planned down to the smallest details.

You have a big day with us

We leave earlier and come back later than other tour companies ensuring we have enough time at each destination we visit. This allows us ample time to stop for any occasion that spontaneously pops-up.

Away from the crowds

We assist you explore behind the scenes, away from the crowds, giving you access to most people do not get to see.

Finest professional guides

Our guides are some of the finest in the industry. Any occasion that spontaneously arises for further exploration or contact is welcomed by them as an opportunity to make each trip a unique experience.

New and unique tours

We offer tours to all the major sites you would expect but we also visit some more unusual destinations, details of which you will find in our itineraries section. Whichever of our tours you choose; we know how to bring a touch of magic to your day.

Our vehicles

Your comfort and safety is of paramount importance to us which is why we use only modern, insured and well-maintained cars, all containing air conditioning.

Who Manages the Company

Mr. Elias Alemayehu your point of contact with our company, he together with his staffs, co-ordinates and handles all your tours in Ethiopia, be able to reply your enquiries and arrange your special requirements. He first earned advanced diploma in 2005 from Addis Ababa university school of commerce in banking and finance department and was working at different financial and business institutions in different positions.